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Welcome to the Top Rated Realistic Sex Dolls Store.CSDoll is the leading supplier of Life Like Sex Dolls & Premium Sex dolls worldwide. We have the most realistic sex dolls that you can find. Shop for best sex dolls, love dolls, and sex toys below, or customize sex dolls to perfectly fit your preferences. Enjoying your sex doll life!

Best Sellers Sex Dolls

Here are CSDOLL most popular sex dolls for sale. Customer's favorite love dolls.Best sex dolls Shipped from US WAREHOUSE.Order today and you will get it in 7 days

Custom Dolls

Want to specify your own option and build your doll from the ground up? You've come to the right place — customizing your own sex doll is easy and fun! To begin customizing your love doll, choose your favorite body style and choose from the available options to customize your sex doll exactly how you wish!

Why Choose US?

CSDOLL was founded in 2016.We provide the most high-quality sex dolls in a market. We take pride in our user’s experience with our dolls. All our dolls are manufactured according to the most demanding quality standards.Our goal is to make the best love dolls so you can make your dreams come true.No matter what kind of sex doll you are looking for, we are the best choice for you. Our team will make sure to guarantee the best customer experience and ensure that we offer you the doll that best suits your needs.

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Realistic Sex Dolls Preserve Your Long Distance Relationship

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Improve Your Sex Life With Realistic Sex Dolls

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Sex dolls are not only sexual partners

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Sex Doll Manufacturer——CSdoll

Sex Doll Manufacturer——CSdoll

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Realistic sex doll feels like a real person when touched and penetrated.CSdoll makes many people like


To make things easy, we accept multiple payment options including most major credit and debit cards, PayPal, etc.

High Quality SEX DOLLS

10000+sex dolls sold.All sex dolls have CE, FDA, RoHS certified merchants. High quality TPE materials.


We take care of all customs duties and taxes. This way, you don't have to worry about unexpected fees.


CSdoll is a brand specializing in selling best sex dolls. We have factories, US WAREHOUSE,IN STOCK SEX DOLL and love doll manufacturers.Our goal is to help every customer buy his favorite love doll.Therefore, we guarantee that any real dolls you buy from CSdoll is manufacturer certified. We are committed to offering every customer worlds best real love dolls.       

To meet the needs of our customers, we provide different types of perfect sex dolls, such as BBW sex dolls, Blonde Sex Dolls, Big Boobs,Teen Sex Dolls and Japanese Sex Dolls. You can also CUSTOM YOUR LOVE DOLL.


Our sex dolls are made from the best materials made from medical silicone, metal skeleton and TPE. They also come with flexible joints to allow you to enjoy different sexual positions. We have customizable options depending on the features that suit your imagination and fantasy.

At CSdoll, you can create a replica of your perfect woman with a variety of options at your disposal. Whether you love blondes, brunettes, redheads, big boobs, big butt or any other feature, you can get it from us. Our love doll collection is made up of different races, genders, ages and sizes. You can have a Hispanic, Asian, Black, European, Japanese or Latina Sex doll. Your sex doll can also be Male, Female or Shemale while being a teenager, Young adult or mature adult. You can also choose from different body types, e.g. skinny, chubby, hourglass, athletic, tight body, fat or curvy.

✅ Best Price Guarantee

We offer the Best Price Guarantee for our all New Sex Dolls. If you find it somewhere cheaper, we return the down payment. One big advantage is that you can order your doll today and pay for it later. We offer paypal installment to our customers in the United States. To sum up, CSDOLL offers:

1. Best Sex Dolls & Sex Toy  2. Best Custom Options for your Sex Dolls 3. Best Price Guarantee 4. Real Reviews 5. Fast & Anonymous Shipping 6. Multiple Payment Methods


We make sure all sex dolls are shipped to our customers through the leading shipping companies in the world. IN STOCK Sex dolls typically arrive between 3 – 7 days through UPS, FedEx, DHL and Special Express Delivery Channels. You can track your sex doll using the unique tracking information that will be provided when you order. Order your love doll today!


Our sex dolls come with certifications like MSDS, ROHS, CE, 6P and have also been certified for use on human skin. Our research and development work is top-notch, and we apply this when designing our dolls so that we can come out with beauties that deliver real and fantastic sexual experiences.

The designs are real-life simulated, and you get to have something sexier and more enticing. They also meet the highest levels of quality standards and reliability. Our TPE dolls have been featured in reputable publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, amongst others.

Customer Reviews

Incredible Doll

I'm very impressed with first the shipping, it was fast, discreet, the way it was secure in the box was great, the actual doll is amazingly life like. It's really unbelievable...
Michael James

Friday, Fab 26, 2021

She Is Perfect

I have no words to describe her. Perfect, amazing. If you are thinking of buying a doll, this is the place. Easy, discreet and with a wonderful result.

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021

A great doll, realistic

I have used one of the dolls and they are great even when you just look a them! Good quality affordable, worth every penny that you will spend on it.!
Christinas LeGrant

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Worth it

Beautiful and high quality, very happy with her. It took three days to arrive, I’ve had her for a month now and she’s still as good as new.

Wednesday, MAY 19, 2021


Works great for TPE dolls, also easy to re-activate with a little water. A little pricey but you get quality.great love sex experience..
Jaime Meail

Sunday, April 25, 2019


Satisfied with purchase.Very realistic looking,well done workmanship.Wig made the head so complete.

Friday, April 2, 2021

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